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Welcome to Viptel

We are a group of people who are truly passionate about maintenance of process plant and utility equipment. From heat exchanger, condenser, chiller, cooling tower, fin-fan air cooler, boiler to furnace. And more!

Simply put, we help make these equipment units operate longer, more energy-efficient and/or have greater life. For the way we do business, Viptel believes in:

Consultative approach to solution finding. Please, give us a call. We are good, discreet listeners. The more we know, the more we can help.

Seeing is believing. Whenever possible, we strive to give the prospective client a demonstration or a trial to make the benefits as tangible as possible.

One-stop service. We are willing to extend our scope of supply to include other external components in the project to ensure the bottom-line guarantee is meaningful to our clients.

Risk sharing. We are committed to take on our portion of risks to link costs and performance, and help limit the client’s downside liability.


Recent Achievments

Viptel Maintains Fin-fan Coolers Without Removing Header Box

Our Condenser Maintenance team helps a large refining client to quickly and thoroughly clean waxy fin-fan cooler units with Bullet Cleaning technique - without removing the header box. Saves time and delivers surface cleanliness that is suitable for IRIS inspection.

Viptel Saves Motor Energy Consumption in 70 Cooling Towers

Our Energy Saving for Cooling Equipment team completes a major fan retrofit project for a world's leading automative client. Better aerodynamic features lead to huge cost savings for years to come.

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